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BBQ/Kitchen Knives Set

245 USD
BBQ/Kitchen Knives Set
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BBQ/Kitchen Knives Set

245 USD
Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Splendid BBQ/Kitchen Set Knives Lots of 7

High Quality Hand forged Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives Set with

Buffalo Horn Scale With Brass Bolsters With 3 Brass Mosaic Pins

Damascus steel, it’s a passion


  • Stylish knives that will suit your kitchen
  • Excellent quality Razor Sharp blades
  • Horn Scale With Brass Bolsters excellent feel With 3 Brass Mosaic Pins.
  • Exquisite workmanship with extreme Durability

For the collector or the Chef Master this set of knives are stylish and built to last.


From biggest to smallest the measurements are as follows:

Chopper; Overall length = 11.00'' Inches

Largest knife; Overall length = 15.25'' Inches

2nd; Overall length = 13.00'' Inches  

3rd ; Overall length = 12.50'' Inches  

 Chop, Dice, Slice and Carve your way to being a Master Chef with this set of versatile knives.

4th; Overall length = 11.00'' Inches    

 5th; Overall length = 9.50'' Inches    

 Smallest; Overall length 8.50'' Inches